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Environment and Sustainable Development

Sustainable development has become an imperative objective for each economic sector.  Our team of lawyers, environmental advisers, and specialized consultants offer pragmatic solutions to the most complex business challenges.

Tourism and Hospitality

We create the best strategy for the successful development of tourism and real estate projects in the Dominican Republic. From permits and feasibility studies to the approval of tax exemptions within the framework of Law No. 158-01 of Promotion of Tourism Development.

Urbanism and Land Use Planning

o understand the planning and land use law as well as urbanism has become of the essence in order to facilitate a development of the land with particular purpose: appropiate Land use as a tool for achieving a private sector client’s development objective.

Energy and Natural Resources

Our team focus in facilitating the windpower projects and energy generation based on biomass.


The business of food and agriculture is growing every day, as the population grows. The challenges of this industry increases at the same time.

Construction and Real Estate Development

Real Estate development in cities as well as in rural and touristic zones, requieres a comprehensive approach to assure compliance with the regulations and sustainability.

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