Environment And Sustainable Development

Environment and Sustainable Development

Sustainable development has become an imperative objective for each economic sector. Our team of environmental advisers, and specialized consultants offer pragmatic solutions to the most complex business challenges.

The Objective? To facilitate the investment in compliance with the regulation through the prevention and solution of legal, environmental, land use and social conflicts. Assistance with investment projects includes environmental feasibility studies, investment planning, processing of permits and licenses, diagnoses of compliance, due diligence, and the implementation of environmental best practices to ensure business sustainability.


Natural Resources

Mining – Exploration and Exploitation Concessions

  • Obtaining and Renewing of Electrical Concessions

  • Public Bidding

  • Authorization of Isolated Systems

  • Authorizations Non-Regulated Users /Non-Regulated Users for Free Zones -Obtaining of Certifications

  • Structuring and review of contracts -Permits for Importation and/or Commercialization of Hydrocarbons

  • Environmental Authorizations

  • Environmental Compliance Programs

  • Autorizaciones Ambientales

  • Programas de Cumplimiento Ambiental

  • Environmental Pre-Feasibility

  • Bond Issues

Environmental Compliance

Environmental Permits and Licenses

Mining – Exploration and Exploitation Concessions

  • Permit for introduction, research, and activities related to modified live organisms

  • Registration for possession of wildlife and flora

  • Permit to make recordings in Protected Areas

  • Permit for importation of wood/lumber

  • Permit for research studies in protected areas

  • Permit for execution of forest management plans

  • Permit for tree-cutting

  • Permit for importation of fauna or flora

  • Permit for entry into Protected Areas

  • Hunting license

  • Access to Genetic Resources

  • Environmental no-objections

  • Certificate for plantation and right to cut

  • Certificate for importation of chemical substances

  • Certificate for Exportation of hazardous waste

  • Certification of Plot

  • Certification of Project compliance status

  • Permit for concessions for ecotourism operations in protected areas

  • Prevention and Handling of Environmental Crises

  • Socio-environmental studies
  • Permit for concessions for ecotourism operations in protected areas

  • Community relations

  • Administrative Sanctions

  • Fines

  • Cancellation or refusal of permits

  • Administrative Resources

  • Public Hearings

Environmental Conflicts

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